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What is a winter tent

Requirements for a winter tent with stoves

Designed for winter camping, when the temperature is from 14°F and below. Models have a wind skirt which protects against snow and wind. The material of tents is dense, as they are designed for extreme conditions of use. 

Winter tents with a stove can withstand very low temperatures. They were originally designed in conjunction with heating stoves. They are so powerful that they quickly heat up space inside. 

Winter tents are insulated. Even at an outside temperature of -4°F, you can heat the air inside to + 90° C. The room temperature is maintained, even if it is -40°F outside. The more the stove is heated, the higher the temperature.

High requirements are placed on the material. It is durable, resistant to low temperatures. Frame of winter tent is stable, convenient for transportation and installation. 

A winter tent requires stove of a certain size to suit your temperature preferences and climatic conditions. Our stoves are optimal in size, weight, transportation.