Wood-burning stove for tent sauna.
Material - AISI 430 steel
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  • For tents and saunas

    The INTENT MINI stove is a smaller copy of the INTENT stove. It is a universal camping and sauna stove with sliding convectors for efficient heating and comfortable stay or for sauna procedures in your camping sauna.

    INTENT MINI is all-season. It easily fits into the trunk of a car. You can comfortably relax with it, use while hunting, fishing, camping, taking a steam sauna.


    • The reduced dimensions make the stove lighter.
    • Thanks to its small size, INTENT MINI saves more space in the tent.
    • The firebox with 25 litres volume is suitable for the optimal amount of firewood or briquettes.
    • Sliding side convectors for fast heating process and stove body protection. When not in use, they allow compact storage and transportation of the stove.
    • Built-in spark arrestor for safe use.

    Manufacturing materials

    The INTENT MINI camping and sauna stove is made of AISI 430 steel sheet with 0.8 mm thickness. For laser cutting, machines with computer numerical control are used. Thanks to modern technology, high product quality and cutting accuracy without defects are achieved. The seams are carefully welded, the surface and edges are treated to ensure a long product life.

    We guarantee a 1 year warranty.


    The INTENT MINI stove is optimally designed.

    • Convector screens on all sides (portable right and left) for heat transfer and body protection.
    • Built-in spark arrester. Sparks do not fall on the tent awning, but settle in the afterburner.
    • Handles for transportation.
    • Steel screw-in legs.
    • Modular chimney with 90 mm diameter. Chimney segments (6 pcs) are placed into the firebox for compact storage.

    The INTENT MINI stove can be used with sauna stones for more heat or steam. You can also cook or warm food.


    AISI 430 steel
    Steel thickness of the stove
    0.8 mm
    Steel thickness of the convectors
    0.7 mm
    Steel thickness of the door and door opening
    1.5 mm
    640 mm
    525 mm
    Width when unfolded
    265 mm
    Width when folded
    210 mm
    Height without legs
    380 mm
    Volume in the folded state
    0.0510 m3
    Diameter of the chimney
    90 mm
    Stove depth
    395 mm
    Volume of the stove
    25 l
    Length of the chimney segment
    380 mm
    Thickness of the chimney segments
    0.5 mm
    Stove weight
    15 kg


    1 pc
    Chimney segments
    6 pcs
    1 pc
    4 pcs


    • Secure the tent with the stove on the ground to prevent it from tipping over.
    • Do not touch it when it is in working order. Use a special mitten.
    • Do not allow drunk persons and children to use.
    • Do not use gas, flammable substances, coal, cardboard or paper to ignite the stove.
    • Do not leave the door open.
    • Make sure the chimney segments are tightly connected.

    Technical certificate for STOVE INTENT MINI

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      • 21 мая 2021 08:18

      Lightweight and hot. Fits well in a car.

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337 USD