Tent Pegs

Tent Pegs

Spiral Pegs for Tent
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Артикул: УТУТ0080274
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30 USD
  • Universal Pegs

    These pegs can be used with any tents. They can be used in any situation and on any soil due to a sharp notch and smooth surface of the peg.

    Reliable and Safe Tent

    Pegs are made of carbon spring steel wire. One peg can withstand a force of 50 kg.

    Compact Package - 10pc

    All out pegs are stored in a simple, but handy package. This package is very compact and mobile.


    Length 242 mm / 9,5 inches
    Diameter 25 mm / 1 inch
    Material Carbon spring steel
    Quantity 10 pc
    Weight 630 gr / 1,39 lbs
    Weight (of 1 pag) 63 gr / 0,14 lbs
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Tent Pegs
30 USD