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Mobile Sauna Terma 4 Transformer + stove

Camping sauna transformer for 6 people
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  • Sauna-Transformer

    The Terma-4 has a wall that an be completeley removed or used as a roof. This roof will save you from sunrays or rain.

    Safe Stove Intent

    The sauna is equipped with a new powerful, portable, and safe wood stove Intent. From the outside it looks like a conventional tent. But in terms of temperature, humidity, and sensation, it is a real sauna - 110 C (230 F).

    Fits 6 People

    This sauna tent can fit 6 people at the same time. It can be used as sauna tents, as fishing tent or simply as tent for a long term living.

    4 use modes

    This tent can be used as simple camping tent for a long term living with a big entrance, camping tent with a simple door, steam sauna with a big lounge room or steam sauna with a open lounge.


    Modification Terma-4
    Weight of set 33 kg / 73 lbs
    Assemble time 10 min.
    Capacity 6 people
    Max t

    Summer up to + 110 C (230 F)

    Winter up to + 90 C (195 F) with a temperature -20 (-4 F) outside.

    Size (LxWxH) 400 х 200 х 195 cm / 157 x 78 x 76,7 inches

    Delivery set includes:

    • Tent for mobile sauna
    • Framework for tent
    • Portable stove Intent
    • Two separated bags, for the framework and the stove
    • Stones are not included

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Mobile Sauna Terma 4 Transformer + stove
1 179 USD
1 480 USD