Frame for Morzh Max

Frame for Morzh Max

Frame for tent sauna Morzh Max
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290 USD
  • Reliable frame

    For any tent, not only comfort is important, but also reliability and stability. A sturdy frame made of quality materials is a guarantee that the tent will last for many years and you will not have to regularly repair it. This duralumin frame makes the Morzh Max tent truly all-season, capable of withstanding any weather and being 2 in 1 - a camping tent and a mobile sauna. This frame is suitable for Morzh Max models.


    The frame is made of D16T aluminum alloy. It is one of the most popular duralumin alloys in the shipbuilding, aviation and space industries. Its advantages are stable structure, high strength, light weight and resistance to deformation.

    Fast assembly

    The frame consists of 4 arcs, which are made up of 20 hollow segments. It also includes 3 straight pipes of 5 segments. To prevent the whole structure from falling apart, segments are connected by a strong, very elastic cord. The frame is compactly folded into 2 special cases.

    Anodized pipe

    The frame tubes are made of anodized aluminum - a coated metal that can prevent oxidation of aluminum in the open air and protect it from possible mechanical damage. Anodized frame does not get your hands dirty and has a beautiful silver color.


    Weight 5 kg
    Material aluminum alloy D16T
    Pipe diameter 12 mm
    Case material Oxford 240
    Case size 71x27 cm

    The package includes:

    • Frame arch - 4 pcs, each of 10 segments
    • Straight pipes - 3 pcs, each of 5 segments
    • Case - 2 pcs
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Frame for Morzh Max
290 USD