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Tent sauna of 3 ply material with a large window and transparent roof (no stove)
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  • S
    • 19 мая 2021 15:11
    Good tent

    This tent is worth it, heats up quickly, 90 is real if desired. Assembly is perfect, thoughtful in every detail. Chose this particular model because of the roof

    • K
      • 19 мая 2021 15:06
      sky feedback

      very unusual tent and very hot! looks great!
      Share my impressions: I have already used it about 15 times, the tent is still ok and looks perfect
      hot in 20 minutes
      you don't have to assemble and disassemble the tent all the time, you can just assemble it once and use it! for me, this is great advantage.
      Transparent roof is very unusual, beautiful view. Good pastime is guaranteed

      • F
        • 19 мая 2021 14:59

        If I had not seen such a thing from my friend, I would not have believed that it is cool! Now we often go to nature with this big tent. highly recommend!

        • A
          • 20 мая 2020 09:36
          Hot sauna

          Hot sauna and nice view of the sky, especially in the evening!

          • F
            • 19 мая 2020 10:14
            Good thing for outdoor enthusiasts

            Transparent roof is good solution, very beautiful. There are no questions about the quality at all. For living in nature is perfect. Set up quickly, perfectly keeps heat, roomy and stable. The possibility of installing a stove completely solves the issue of heating at night and cooking. Thank you!

            • W
              • 19 мая 2020 10:08
              I recommend

              I decided to diversify outdoor rest and purchased a tent from the Morzh manufacturer. The main purpose of the tent in my case is to use it as a mobile sauna, and it is great for it. Of course the tent can be used for overnight and for winter fishing, but it has its own nuances. Pros:1) its size and weight. It is very comfortable and can be installed in 7 min, as the manufacturer promises 2) the quality of the tent material, zippers, pegs and the frame itself is also on top, there are no questions 3) dimensions of the package are very important in my case 4) keeps heat well 5) transparent roof!! 6) wind skirt
              Unfortunately, warm floor is not included (must be bought separately). But as I understand, it is not needed if you use the tent as a sauna. In general, this is a great mobile sauna, thanks!

              • B
                • 10 февраля 2020 10:17
                Love it!

                Hello from Canada!
                Thanks for the delivery. I really enjoy it