Mobile Sauna Terma 10 + stove

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4 people camping sauna.188х188х195 cm / 74x74x74 inches. 23 kg / 50 lbs.

649 USD

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Real Sauna Inside the Tent

The Terma-10 is a real sauna inside a tent and is one of the most compact models. The Terma-10 mobile sauna is made for corporate leisure activities near water in the countryside and can also be used to organize bath activities in any camping conditions at any time of the year.

Safe Stove "Midi"

The sauna is equipped with a new powerful, portable and safe wood stove "Midi". The tent looks like a conventional tent. But in terms of temperature, humidity and sensation, it is a real sauna - 110 C (230 F).

Fits 4 People

This sauna tent can fit 4 people at the same time. It can be used as sauna tents, as fishing tent or simply as tent for a long term living.

Ergonomic Design

The most important difference between the Terma sauna and other tents is an ergonomic design that allows a person to stand inside comfortably. The door allows for an easy entrance and exit. The furnace is heated by firewood and uses stones for a better-quality steam.


Modification Terma-10
Weight of set 23 kg / 50 lbs
Assemble time 5 min.
Capacity 4 persons.
Max t

Summer up to + 110 C (230 F)

Winter up to + 90 C (195 F) with a temperature -20 (-4 F) outside.

Size 188 х 188 х 195 cm / 74 x 74 x 74 inches

Delivery set includes:

  • Tent for mobile sauna
  • Framework for tent
  • Portable furnace Midi
  • Two separated bags, for the framework and the furnace.
  • Stones are not included

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