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Wood-burning stove for tent sauna with built-in spark arrester

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A Stove for Sauna Tents

It is a special camping sauna stove. It can heat the tent up to 110 C (230F) even in cold weather. It has a lower convector which excludes the heating of the surface where the stove stands. This stove is made of steel and all the important places (pipe and hob) have been strengthened.

Safe and Mobile

The stove has a special spark-arrester which protects the tent from fire. It also fits in the trunk of a car; the legs and chimney segments can be placed inside the stove.


Modification Intent Fat
Weight 18 kg / 39,68 lbs
Size, W, L, H 28,5 х 64 х 46,5 cm / 11,2 x 25,2 x 18,3 inches
Chimney diameter 9 cm / 19,8 inches
Chimney lenght 197 cm / 77,5 inches
Stove Height with chimney 253 cm / 99,6 inches
Pipe diameter 9 cm / 3,54 inches
Material AISI 403 Steel
Material AISI 403 Steel
Steel thickness 0.8 mm / 0,031 inches
Firebox volume 29 l
The size of the stove inlet is 17.5 x 17.5 cm / 6,89 x 6,89 inches


  • Stove - 1;
  • Chimney segments - 6;
  • Pouch - 1;
  • Leg - 4.

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