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Universal and light stove for camping or for steam sauna. Portable and safe

150 USD

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Universal & Light Wood Stove

The Economic stove can be used as a sauna heater or a camping stove. Its flat surface is great for cooking.

Chimney Segments are in the Kit

The stove provided with 7 chimney segments, each one is 30 cm\11,9 inc. long. You can store pipes and legs inside the stove.

Built-in Spark arrester

Spark arrester provides safety - sparks won't fall down on a tent's roof.

Removable Stove Door

Removable door prevents breaking of door loops and metal deformation - otherwise there will be uncontrolable air leaks.





4,5 kg / 5 lbs

Siza, W, L, H:

25 х 48 х 31 cm / 9,8 x 18,8 x 12,2 inches

Chimney lenght(mm) x 7:

210 cm / 82,6 inches

Stove Height with chimney (mm):

241 cm / 94,8 inches

Categories: Tent Heaters Sauna Accessories

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