What is Tent Sauna

Perfect outdoor saunas

Sauna tents are made of fireproof Oxford material, you can stand full-length there and it has powerful and safe heater. Even at winter you can heat up the tent for about 100 C (230 F) or even more. Poles are made of aviations steel and will serve you for decades. The door hub provides easy entry and exit in every situation, including emergencies. Special chimney cutting protects roof from heating up - it absorbs heat from chimney pipe.

Winter heated tents

What makes heated winter tents special - two layers. Because of air gap between two layers warmth inside tent stays longer. Winter tents are equipped with long-burning wood heater, which can burn 10 hours straight. This heater creates a comfortable atmosphere inside and really a lifesaver in extreme conditions. Also this tents can be used as sauna too. They are even better to use at cold temperatures, because they are superb at containing heat.

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