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Big tent sauna for 6-12 people made of 3 ply material with a large window (no stove)

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7 reviews for Camping sauna Morzh (Walrus) Max

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  • recommend
    By May 19, 2021 14:49

    I have used my Morzh Max approx 10 times and showed to all friends. Still works fine.

    • I cant wait to try
      By May 19, 2021 14:46

      I found this tent on SaunaTimes blog. The reviews are only good, I have already received the tent, now I am waiting for the stove! Looks good and really spacious!

      • Morzh Max
        By May 19, 2021 14:42

        Ordered blue red one. Now I can’t do without it on the hike! Satisfied completely. Large, fits a lot of people and things

        • Big tent for sauna lovers
          By May 19, 2021 14:39

          There were doubts about the sauna in the tent. Bought, tested and ... it's great!! Full delight. I recommend to sauna lovers who dont have time to build sauna. Thaaank you

          • For a large number of people - a big tent!
            By May 19, 2020 15:47
            • Great tent for the whole family
              By May 19, 2020 13:48

              Very suitable for trips to the countryside, comfortable, сonvenient entry and exit. We lived in it for a week. Big enough to store things, leave shoes, etc. I advise you to lay a warm floor if you want to spend the night in it

              • +
                By February 10, 2020 09:49

                If you like to relax in a big company, then this is for you. Large enough, I recommend!