Winter camping with children

December 29, 2020

The Duluth Runner - the owner of Morzh Max mobile sauna, shared his story about winter camping with children.

Such a vacation will be great fun for adults and children! Read the article and make sure!

 "I recently went winter camping to try out a new heated tent setup of mine and decided to bring the kids along as well ?....

....I must say, the feeling of entering a cozy, wood-heated tent in the middle of the woods when it’s cold outside is rather magical. Combine that with the fact you’re sharing such an experience with your children only adds to the magic. And the fact that it was something new for us (winter camping that is, we do plenty of spring-summer-fall camping as a family) enhanced the fun factor as well...

...To sum things up – I’m absolutely hooked on winter camping! The forest is beautiful covered in snow, no bugs, no bears (not that they’re ever too big of a worry around here), solitude, haul everything on sled(s) so you can bring as much stuff as you want (can be a bad thing too if you’re not careful), and warm temps inside of the tent are amazing!"

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