Review from the shores of lake Geneva, Wisconsin

March 25, 2020

Kevin OConnell shares his impressions of using the 3-layer mobile sauna MORZH. Thank you for your sincere feedback!

We publish the part of his review:

"I told Keith I would walk to my house to get a swimsuit and a meat thermometer and return in about 10 minutes. I would then tend the fire and he could go change into his suit. I figured it would be 20-40 minutes to heat up. I returned in 10 minutes to find Keith already in swimsuit sweating profusely inside the sauna. He had a big smile on his face and a red glow to his skin!! He exited with steam rising from his body we took a short video where he estimated it was 200°F. I went inside and immediately felt the heat, my meat thermometer rapidly sped past it’s peak at 180 to what was likely 220°F!!! After 5-10 minutes we jumped in the ice cold lake 10 feet away and swam around for several minutes before returning for many more rounds".

Want to read more? The full review with photos and videos is on Sauna Times. Follow the link: