How to heat water in a tent sauna

December 10, 2020

For bath procedures in a mobile sauna, you need not only a good stove, but also hot water to wash yourself after steaming.

There are several ways to heat water in a camping sauna:

1. Heating water in a metal bowl or bucket by placing it on the stove

This method is not bad, but it takes time, since the bucket is placed on the stove by the stones. Stones are usually laid out around the hottest part of the stove - chimney pipes. Accordingly, the bucket is placed further, which increases the time for heating the water, since the heat is less.

2. In a special tank

The tank is installed on the stove chimney - the hottest place. Water is heated in 10-15 minutes (in 13 liter tank), while the sauna heats up too.

To steam the brooms, you can also fill the bucket with already heated water from the tank and place them on the stove.

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