How to get through the cold winter with the MORZH sauna tent. Some questions about it

March 18, 2021

Awesome Mitten creates content about interesting places, events, people, and products in Michigan. In particular, they have recently shared such a product as our mobile tent sauna MORZH !

The portable hot tent proved to be a great solution not only to survive cold and cloudy winters, but also to diversify your leisure time.

“You can move the sauna easily around your yard, set it up next to a cold water source, and take it with you. It’s so easy to move. We’re already planning to bring it camping with us this summer to help wind down and then jump in a nearby lake to cool down. It’s so easily portable we can pack it up nicely in the camper for the next trip”.

It is noted that MORZH can also help cope with stress and rest after a hard day.

“I also use it when I am specifically stressed. It is a hard reset on the stress response and I feel noticeably calmer for nearly 24 hours after a good sauna session”.

Read a detailed article with an overview of the MORZH tent. Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions and learn more about how to use the sauna. We share the link to the Awesome Mitten portal with you: